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Cybersecurity prevention for  

Prevention is key

Be on top of your webapp and server's vulnerabilities. Receive alarms and alerts when your application or infrastructure are exposed

Cybersecurity for everyone

Easy to use, affordable and developer friendly cybersecurity prevention. No system admin skills needed 

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No sysadmin skills required

Security prevention made simple. We made it as easy as possible to make sure that your apps and servers are free of known vulnerabilities

Ward off malware, ransomware and hacking

Most of the malware/ransomware and hacking relies on known vulnerabilities to be successful. Don't be another victim. Make sure that your software is free of vulnerabilities

Software upgrades made easy

Software upgrades can break things. Know exactly what you're exposed to and help yourself to decide if an upgrade is vital or not.

Perfect for Startups

Stories of Startups and medium businesses being victims of hackers or malware appear every day. Cybersecurity should be a concern since day one for everyone. We believe cybersecurity products should be as easy as possible to use and affordable to all types and kinds of organizations and individuals. The best way to avoid being another victim is to make sure that your infrastructure is not vulnerable. Get rid of vulnerabilities on your servers and webapps, sign up!

Cybersecurity prevention from the start

Start from day zero with cybersecurity prevention in mind. 

No money, no problem

Cybersecurity prevention should be available for everyone. Trying to secure a non-revenue generating project? be it your open source, your not-for-profit initiative or you're just starting up and aren't generating profits, we got you covered.

Be on top of new vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities come out every day. Get alerts when a new vulnerability might impact you and your IT infrastructure, before it's too late.

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